Strategic Partnerships

Over the past several years, CureVac has entered into various collaborations with strong and competent partners who all share the same goal: to develop a completely new RNA-based treatment regimen and make it available to patients.

Below are some selected collaborations.

Collaboration with IAVI

The non-profit International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and CureVac are partnering to accelerate the development of AIDS vaccines, utilizing novel immunogens developed by IAVI and partners, delivered via CureVac’s novel messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.
For more details please see the press release.

Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim

The partners collaborate to develop next generation lung cancer immunotherapy with CureVac’s CV9202 in different clinical settings. CureVac received EUR 35 million upfront payment and can achieve milestone payments of up to EUR 430 million and royalties on sales.
For more details please see the press releases.

Collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Common goal of the partners is to develop mRNA-based vaccines against various infectious diseases which have an enormous impact on global health.
Read the press release on the initiation of the RSV programme.

Collaboration with Cancer Research Institute and Ludwig Cancer Research

The non-profit Cancer Research Institute (CRI), Ludwig Cancer Research (Ludwig) and CureVac collaborate to enable clinical testing of novel cancer immunotherapy treatment options. The partnership focusses on clinical trials to test novel combinations of immunotherapies, including CureVac's clinical stage drug CV9202 for non-small cell lung cancer.
For more details please see the press release.

Collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur, DARPA and In-Cell-Art

CureVac is collaborating with Sanofi Pasteur and In-Cell-Art on a $33.1 million project co-funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The project involves the development of preventative vaccines for use against several infectious diseases based on CureVac’s technology RNActive®.
For more details please see the press release on the collaboration .

In June 2014 Sanofi Pasteur signed a first exclusive license agreement to develop and commercialize an mRNA-based vaccine against an undisclosed pathogen. For more details please see the press release on the license agreement.