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CureVac is the leading mRNA company with unique expertise and know-how for the production and therapeutic application of mRNA. We are exploring the full therapeutic range for this innovative new class of medicine with our diverse platforms RNActive®, RNArt® and RNAdjuvant®. By partnering with strong pharmaceutical companies and organizations, we are in a position to fully unleash the huge potential of mRNA to the benefit of those that need new therapeutic options most.

We are the RNA people and want to share our vision to explore the transformative potential of this new technology with those who truly believe in innovation.

We are looking for partners who share with us our desire to revolutionize medicine and want to collaborate with like-minded organizations that want to make a real change.

We are motivated by challenges and see technical hurdles as opportunities to grow – as individuals and as an organization.

RNActive® Cancer Immunotherapy

Contact us if you are interested in discussing our clinical programs or want to develop new innovative tumor vaccine cocktails based on several full-length antigens to optimally tackle specific tumor types.

RNActive® Prophylactic Vaccines

Contact us if you are interested in identifying or optimizing new antigens for hard-to-treat pathogens, regardless as to whether they are viruses, bacteria or parasites. You want to optimize immunogenicity directly in humans in a Phase I setting? You are interested in a vaccine that doesn't require a cold chain and can be produced very rapidly in case of an emergency or pandemic setting? Just let us know and we'll figure out the best way to collaborate.

RNArt® Molecular Therapy

Contact us if you are keen to explore untapped areas for new therapeutics. The limit is your imagination as to how our versatile platform can be tailored to address your therapeutic needs. Are you looking for local or systemic administration? Have you thought about therapeutic proteins acting within the cell? Any ideas about smart combinations of functional protein domains? Get in touch and we'll explore creative ways to collaborate.

RNAdjuvant® - Innovative Vaccine Booster

Contact us if you need to trigger a long lasting humoral and cellular immune response. Do you need to boost a potent immune response with your peptide- or protein-based vaccine? Are you interested in achieving dose-sparing with your established vaccine? Based on your proposal, we are very open to share our RNAdjuvant® under MTA to enable you to test it in your experimental environment.

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