RNA manufacturing for research and development

For more than 16 years, CureVac has been an expert in the manufacturing of high-quality RNA.
In our R&D production, we manufacture RNA for clinical development of product candidates. This production is characterized by a high level of flexibility with regard to individual requirements, manufacturing quantities and the variation of manufacturing parameters.
Consistent, high-quality products are ensured by the documentation of all work steps, as well as the regular inspection of laboratories, equipment, supplier operations and source materials.

High-throughput RNA production platform

Since 2015, CureVac has an automated state-of-the-art production platform for the simultaneous and parallelized production of hundreds of different RNA molecules for screening purposes.
Within the scope of this proprietary and robust process, source materials identical to GMP manufacturing are used. This ensures the comparability of results.
CureVac has a broad patent portfolio protecting our standardized production process for (m)RNA active ingredients.

In a nutshell: RNA production for screening purposes

  • State-of-the-art automation
  • Proprietary, patent-protected process
  • Parallelized manufacturing of hundreds of RNA constructs
  • Automated combinatorics of in-silico design sequences
  • 96-well-format for all process steps
  • Integrated analysis of critical process parameters
  • Robust and reproducible
  • Minimum costs by a highly effective process
  • Comparable RNA quality ranging from screening all the way to GMP ⇨ transferability of the results to scalable processes
  • Identical source materials for all manufacturing processes


CureVac’s proprietary production and screening process, RNAoptimizer, identifies the optimum product candidate for a Target Product Profile (TPP) in a quick, specific and objective-oriented manner.