(RNA) – A Demanding Molecule with Key Functions

In the human body, RNA carries out diverse tasks. One of its key functions is the translation of genetic information into proteins. Messenger RNA (mRNA) acts as the carrier of specific building blocks for this process. Scientists have long sought to utilize this ingenious, natural concept for medical purposes, but up until just a few years ago, the molecule itself was considered uncontrollable, especially under clinical conditions. RNA was viewed as being too unstable, not particularly effective and was dwarfed by its sister DNA, the other and more prominent naturally occurring nucleic acid.

We have always held true to utilizing RNA, as we believe the first biomolecule of emerging life that nature designed could never be a faulty design. CureVac has generated its technologies to make RNA manageable and more stable, thus optimizing its properties.

CureVac’s RNA Technology – Inspired by Nature

CureVac’s active ingredients do not negatively manipulate the body, but rather work based on the very same functional principles found in nature. Our format is simple: the body receives specific information coded in RNA and uses this information to produce its own, custom-tailored protein as medicine.

After CureVac’s founding in 2000, we developed several technologies with which we specifically formulate and use RNA as the basic molecule in different ways.

Versatile RNA Technologies

  • RNActive® – Developed based on optimized, antigen-encoding and complexed mRNA molecules – stimulates the immune system, thereby providing potent vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases or supplying potent novel immunotherapies against cancer.
  • RNAntigen® – Enables the sustained expression and optimal presentation of antigen encoded by engineeredunmodified  mRNA, designed to provide highly immunogenic proteins. RNAntigen technology is a basis for RNActive platform. 
  • RNArt® – Our novel mRNA-based approach in molecular therapy designed to trigger the body’s own production of desired proteins for therapeutic purposes.
  • RNAntibody® – Enables the prolonged expression of functional antibodies and antibody-like proteins from unmodified mRNA. This transient, reusable and safe passive immunization platform can be used in prophylactic and therapeutic settings for a range of indications.
  • RNAdjuvant® – based on long-chain, non-coding RNA molecules, complexed with a short cationic peptide – developed to activate innate and adaptive immune system. Administered intratumorally changes tumor microenvironment, improves infiltration by immune cells, promotes induction of immune response against tumor released antigens and combined with vaccines improves the quantity and quality of the immune response, thereby amplifying the effects of immunotherapeutic treatments against cancer or of conventional vaccines used to prevent infectious diseases.