RNAdjuvant® improves the quantity and quality of the immune response, thereby amplifying the effects of immunotherapeutic treatments against cancer or of conventional vaccines used to prevent infectious diseases.

The technology is based on modified, non-coding, long and complexed RNA molecules and optimized for enhanced immune-stimulatory activity. RNAdjuvant® is combined and formulated with peptide/protein antigens or other existing vaccines.

Currently, CureVac is conducting a clinical Phase I trial with an RNAdjuvant® in oncology.

In a preclinical setting, RNAdjuvant® has shown that it increases the efficacy of a large number of different vaccines, including protein- and peptide-based vaccines, without any toxic side effects. They exceed the immune-stimulatory capacity of the most competitive adjuvants while demonstrating a very favorable risk-benefit profile. RNAdjuvant® combined with cancer peptide vaccines have allowed for an eradication of established tumors in mice models.