RNArt® & RNAntibody® – mRNA-Based Molecular Therapy

RNArt® and RNAntibody® molecules are being developed as molecular therapy to trigger the body’s own production of therapeutic proteins including antibodies. Without stimulating the immune system, this therapy can, for example, be used for protein replacement or passive immunization.

Mode of action of RNArt® & RNAntibody®

Giving the patient’s body the information to express desired proteins as therapeutics

RNArt® is designed to spur the production of therapeutic proteins or antibodies within the patient’s cells, effectively creating an ‘in vivo factory’ for targeted therapies.

RNAntibody® is a component of CureVac’s RNArt® portfolio of molecular therapeutics but refers to the production of antibodies for therapy or passive immunization. RNAntibody® technology can be applied in many disease indications including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.
In November 2016, the European Patent Office granted a patent providing broad protection for our RNAntibody® technology.

With 15 years of experience in the target-specific adaption, optimization and GMP production of mRNA, as well as multiple company sponsored clinical trials, we are not only pioneering, but also leading the exciting field of mRNA-based therapeutics. To exploit the full potential of natural mRNA, we are also applying our outstanding expertise to the field of molecular therapy. CureVac owns basic patents in the field of mRNA-based therapies.

Our preclinical studies prove the extraordinary strengths of our RNArt® technology. Contrary to the accepted scientific doctrine, the sequence-optimized but chemically unmodified mRNA exhibits exceptional translation efficacy resulting in effective protein expression in large animals without inducing an immune response.

4 Facts about RNArt® & RNAntibody®

  1. RNArt® mRNA, solely based on non-modified nucleotides, warrants excellent protein expression – substantially higher than commercially available, chemically modified mRNA.
  2. Our specifically tailored mRNA can be designed such that stimulation of the immune system is avoided.
  3. RNArt® mRNA allows for high protein levels in large animals, translating into the desired biological effect.
  4. RNAntibody® mRNA leads to the rapid production of antibodies that can protect against viruses and toxins even when administered after exposure.

Excellent protein expression

No immune stimulation

Biological effect