About Us

It all began with an unexpected discovery. CureVac’s founder, Dr. Ingmar Hoerr (a doctoral student at the time), discovered that when it was administered directly into tissue, the historically unstable biomolecule mRNA could be used as a therapeutic vaccine or agent after optimization—no complicated reformulations or molecular packaging needed.

We built CureVac from life’s building blocks

With a single discovery, CureVac opened the world up to the potential of mRNA to treat diseases and create vaccines. Officially founded in 2000, CureVac is the world’s first company to successfully harness mRNA for medical purposes—because we saw opportunities where others saw obstacles. Today, we’re more than 400 passionate people strong, each one committed to using the clinical potential of our proprietary mRNA technology to provide tailored solutions for those with the greatest medical needs.

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Meet the leadership team

These passionate CureVac partners are leading the way for our revolutionary mRNA therapies to transform the lives of patients around the world.

Executive Board
Supervisory Board
Scientific Advisory Board
Ingmar Hoerr, PhD, MBA
Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer
Franz-Werner Haas, PhD, LLD, LLM
Acting Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer
Florian von der Mülbe, MBA, PhD
Chief Production Officer and
Pierre Kemula, B.Sc
Chief Financial Officer
Mariola Fotin-Mleczek, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Bernd Winterhalter, MD, PhD
Interim Chief Development Officer
Baron Jean Stéphenne, MSc, MBA
Ralf Clemens, MD, PhD
Friedrich von Bohlen und Halbach, PhD
Mathias Hothum, PhD
Chris Tanner, PhD
Timothy M. Wright, MD, MD
Craig A. Tooman, MBA
Ralf Clemens, MD
Professor Nina Bhardwaj,
Michel De Wilde, PhD
Professor Dirk Jäger, MD
Professor Karim Fizazi, MD
Christopher Karp, MD
Professor Michael P. Manns,
Professor Stanley Plotkin, MD
Jean-Paul Prieels, PhD
Professor Hans-Georg Rammensee, PhD
George R. Siber, MD
Professor Daniel Speiser,
Professor Xiao-Ning Xu, MD, PhD
Professor Fred Zepp, MD
Gerd Zettlmeissl, PhD