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Our Story

Our path towards a new class of safe and effective therapeutics started 20 years ago, with the unexpected discovery by CureVac founder Ingmar Hoerr of the therapeutic potential of messenger RNA (mRNA). Although used by all cells of the body as a blueprint to build proteins based on instructions written in the genetic code of DNA, mRNA was thought too unstable to be harnassed for medical purposes. For the first time, through CureVac’s development activities this remarkable molecule started to reveal its huge potential in treating disease to evoke a broad and balanced immune response. CureVac is revolutionizing medicine to protect and improve people’s lives.

CureVac's Strengths

We are pioneers in developing mRNA medicines

Diversified and deep pipeline focused on 15 prophylactic vaccine, oncology and protein therapy candidates

COVID-19 vaccine candidate on accelerated development timeline

Proprietary RNA technology platform enabling product candidates to be active at very low doses while at the same time inducing potentially longer-lasting immune responses

Ability to manufacture potentially billions of vaccine doses in new scaled up in-house GMP manufacturing facility

Strong strategic partners including big pharma (GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim) and international foundations (CEPI, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

CureVac is well-capitalized with approximately €750m in cash on hand

IR Contact

Dr. Sarah Fakih
Vice President Investor Relations

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