CureVac gives back

As a company of people passionate about using science to improve the lives of others, we aim to put that same effort into giving back to the community. One major way CureVac gives back is by sponsoring local projects or projects thematically connected to our work:

Support science and technology education for children and teenagers

through the student research center Südwürttemberg in Germany, which currently funds 500 student researchers.

Created a free permanent exhibition “Cradle of Biochemistry” in the Ancient Culture Museum

in the Hohentübingen Castle in Tübingen, Germany with prize money received from the Vaccine Prize given by the European Commission. This was just one way we thanked the city of Tübingen, a true cradle of biochemistry, where the DNA and RNA molecules were first discovered in 1869.

Sponsor of the Basketball Bundesliga team the Tigers Tübingen

and their youth counterpart, the Young Tigers. We consider these passionate and ambitious players our athletic counterparts.