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  • CureVac Wins Two Million EUR from Inaugural
    European Commission Vaccine Prize!

    In March 2014 CureVac won the European Commission's Vaccine Prize of two million Euros. The EU has dedicated the prize in an effort to stimulate innovative solutions for vaccine transportation and storage where cold chain cannot be guaranteed. CureVac’s RNActive® technology convinced the panel of judges of its potential as a novel vaccine platform that could revolutionize the way vaccines will be developed, manufactured and distributed around the world.

  • Can human body produce its own medicine?
    Could we just give it the right prescription?

    Our body’s own immune system is supremely efficient. Modern treatment options like mRNA-based therapies and drugs utilize the body’s own strategies for defense. Like hanging up a ‘Wanted’ sign back in the days of the ‘Wild West’, killer cells receive their strict instructions from mRNA: “This is what a cancer cell looks like – destroy it!” “This is what a virus looks like – don’t give it any chance!”

  • We fight for human health.

    RNA is the most diverse molecule in nature – having controlled functions in the very first living creatures. CureVac has generated the technologies to make RNA manageable and more stable, thus optimizing its properties. In this way, mRNA is a potent anti-cancer treatment as well as a vaccine used to fight infectious diseases.

Welcome to CureVac – the RNA people®

The utilization of the nucleic acid RNA, the oldest biomolecule in the world, for medical purposes was believed for a long time to be impossible. But with our pioneering spirit and determination, CureVac has been successful in optimizing the natural structure for RNA-based medicine.

Based on convincing preclinical and clinical study data, what was once only a vision has now been confirmed. Our RNA technologies have the potential to completely open the door to new and exciting solutions for the treatment of many types of diseases.

mRNA, as an active ingredient, can be used in treating cancer and for the prevention of infectious diseases. However, such examples are only a few of the possibilities for our innovative RNA technology platforms.

Breaking News: CureVac raises $110 Million in a private placement

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