(RNA)-Based Adjuvant Therapy – Enhanced Immunogenicity

CureVac has recently developed a novel, RNA-based adjuvant composed of single-stranded non-coding RNA protected against degradation. RNAdjuvant® enhances the immunogenicity of approved infectious disease vaccines allowing for dose sparing. It also dramatically improves the immunogenicity of protein or peptide based vaccines resulting in potent anti-tumoral immune responses.

RNAdjuvant® elicits ‘balanced immune responses’ comprising humoral and cellular effector responses and, importantly, memory responses. Besides the superior immunological and anti-tumor activity, RNAdjuvant® showed an excellent preclinical safety profile in a repeated-dose toxicity study in mice. Notably, the RNA-based adjuvant acted strictly locally, and no systemic cytokine release was observed.

Currently CureVac is conducting a clinical Phase I trial with an RNAdjuvant® drug in combination with an already approved rabies vaccine.