(RNA)ctive® Cancer Immunotherapies and Prophylactic Vaccines

RNActive® molecules are being developed as immunotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer and as prophylactic vaccines against infectious diseases.

RNActive® - A Technology for mRNA Immunotherapeutics and Vaccines

By modifying the sequence of mRNA, the stability of the molecule is improved while translational levels are enhanced without changing the amino acid sequence of the corresponding protein. The immunogenicity of the molecule is increased by complexation with protamine.

How Does RNActive® work?

RNActive® vaccines have self-adjuvanting properties and allow for a robust expression of the antigenic target protein, while simultaneously providing a strong danger signal leading to activation of different pattern recognition receptors (e.g. TLR7, TLR8). In this way they stimulate the adaptive and innate immune systems, leading to a balanced humoral and T-cell-mediated immune response that includes antibody-producing B-lymphocytes, cytotoxic T-cells, memory T-cells and helper T-cells.

RNActive® Mode-of-Action

Advantages of the RNActive® technology

    • No risk of genomic integration – avoids use of viral vectors and potential anti-vector immunity
    • High flexibility – can be designed to encode a wide array of target proteins
    • Unique potential for the development of multivalent vaccines targeting a high number of antigens
    • Drug product can be manufactured at speeds far faster than most conventional medicines or vaccines (typically < two months)
    • Stable at room temperature and enhanced temperatures – can be formulated so that no cold chain is required
    • Shown to induce cellular and humoral immune responses against a variety of antigens in preclinical and clinical studies
    • Induction of strong, balanced, long-lasting cellular immune responses*
    • RNActive® cancer vaccines act synergistically with radiation and checkpoint inhibitors* 

    *in preclinical models

    RNActive® cancer immunotherapies have demonstrated favorable safety profiles and immunogenicity in clinical trials for prostate cancer and lung cancer, inducing a balanced humoral and T-cell immune response.

    In the field of prophylactic vaccines for infectious diseases, RNActive® vaccines have shown very promising preclinical and also first clinical data.